Aerosolkind is a strife specibus available on the overseer project. There are currently 14 known weapons for Aerosolkind.

Base ItemsEdit

Insecticide Spray Can Edit

On this can is a list of instructions. Spray away from face. Do not use near food, children, pets, or anything living. Anything you spray this with will die. Keep out of reach of idiots.

Power: 2

Code: 0fF!r41D

Cost: 2 Grist, 2 Rust

Pepper Spray Edit

The best way to surprise strangers who come too close.

Power: 3

Code: a9l1qW5m

Cost: 2 Grist

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Deadly Neurotoxin Spray Edit

Get ready, while I warm up the NEUROTOXIN emitters.

Power: 20

cost:10 build,5 blood,10 mercury,10 tar,1 uranium

Code: thlTywFp

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