Virtual Alchemiter, better known as Alchbuddy, is a utility designed by Blahsadfeguie with the intention of helping people with their code-hunting and item creating. It is made in Game Maker 8.

The program is available for download here (this version is outdated, but a new release is coming soon).


  • Users can paste or type codes into the C1 and C2 boxes, then hit ==> to instantly produce both && and || resulting codes - at the cost of no build grist.
  • Codes are stored in a personalized list, and can be added to this list by simply clicking ADD on a code and giving a name to the corresponding item. Codelists can be saved and loaded.
  • The entire list of loaded items is shown on the left, and typing a phrase into the box underneath will search for  items with names containing this phrase. Left clicking an item in this list will put its code in the C1 box, and right clicking will put it in the C2 box.
  • If the user has a resulting && or || code, and knows one component but wants to find out the other, the Rev button will tell the program to try and find a C2 code that can combine with the C1 code to create the result. If any possible code exists, it will generate a random one that works.
  • The Randomize button will choose two random items from the user's entire item list and populate the C1 and C2 boxes with them. This may help the user find new combinations they may not have thought of otherwise, or inspire them with an idea for a new one.
  • The Compile button will compile a list of recipes by brute-force combining every code in the item list with every other code, and output only the results that produce another known item. (This will more than likely cause the program to appear to freeze, but it is still working and will finish if left alone for 30 minutes or less depending on how many items are in the user's code list.) If a code other than 00000000 is put in the C? box, it will compile only recipes that use that code.
  • If Control is held while clicking Compile, the program will attempt to find all items that could possibly be a component of the C? code, printing a random code that works along with the item.


Being a Game Maker game, the program won't work for everyone; specifically, anyone with a non-Windows computer. Unfortunately, there is no way around this that the creator knows of. It also is a bit resource-hungry for a program with such a simple task.

Developer VersionEdit

The program also has several features that are available only to Overseer Project developers, notably the ability to pull a list of codes and items directly from the database, and also to grab feedback and add items from the program itself. To access these features, the user must have a) the database username and password, b) the SECRET ITEM ROOM CODE, and c) another file that allows connection to the database in the first place, which is not packaged with the public download.