The Black King is the final boss. To reach him, you must have defeated 400,000 points times the number of players in your session worth of power on the Battlefield. You can fight him either sleeping or waking, but there is no advantage to fighting him in dream mode. His battle works differently from battles against other enemies. Team work and communication is necessary to defeat him. 

According to the developer, this is still a prealpha version of the boss battle and may be glitchy or unfairly balanced. 

Inititating the CombatEdit

At the bottom of the strife page is the link "Vote on whole session boss strifes." If the Black King battle has been unlocked, you can vote to begin the battle at any time. Half of all players in the session must vote to fight the Black King. Once they have, a button will appear to fight him and clicking it will begin the strife for all players immediately. 

Note: it is intended to be a long and quick paced battle. Make sure all involved strifers have at least an hour.

Strife MechanicsEdit

The Black King works as follows:

  • Power boosts are stripped on entry.
  • There is no dominant strifer, and other players do not assist. All players in the session begin combat and can take normal strife actions. 
  • Each round in a strife lasts 5 minutes. Each player has this much time to do strife actions: make an attack, consume a consumable, use an aspect pattern, or use fraymotifs. After the 5 minutes, the Black King attacks and players can take actions again if they are still alive. 
  • The Black King will only attack players that attacked him or used an aspect pattern/fraymotif on him that round that do damage or power reduction. His power is split up to attack every such player. The more aggro you draw from him, the more you will get hurt.
  • If no one attacks him or reduces his power in a round, he instantly KOs a random strifer. 
  • This KO is an obliteration. KO's dream and awake selves, ignoring effects that would prevent that. This means you are COMPLETELY out of the fight, no dream self to come back and fight with.
  • His damage cap is half your health, not a third. 
  • He can hit though invulnerability, but it brings his damage cap back down to a third. 
  • You regenerate 20% of your aspect vial each round. 
  • He has no defense, meaning any attack will do damage. 
  • "HP" scales linearly with the number of strifers, so the more there are, the more health he has. Also, prototyping strength will play a role in how much each person contributes to his health.
  • This means having negative power sprites WILL reduce his hp instead of boosting it.

Your PrizeEdit

Should you actually beat the Black King, you beat the game. Once permadeath, a.k.a. real sessions, are online, you will have a successful universe.

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