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A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project.

Base ItemsEdit

Wooden Boomerang

Wooden Boomerang

A plain wooden boomerang. Renowned for beaning people in the head unexpectedly and generally being a huge Australian stereotype.

  • Code: PgWNk82!
  • Strength: 3
  • Abstratus: Boomerangkind
  • Cost: 3 Build Grist

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Skullarang Edit

This is a boomerang... made of skulls? It's not realy efficient.

  • Code: xgZV?gE!
  • Power: 20
  • Abstratus: Boomerangkind, bonekind


Sokka's Boomerang Edit

Description: Water? Earth? Fire? Air? Pshh! You have this awesome boomerang! WHACKAPOW!

Abstratus: boomerangkind

Strength: 20

Bomberang Edit

  • Equipped in: offhand.
  • Sending timed explosives hurtling back at you is the only viable battle plan.
  • Abstratus: boomerangkind, explosivekind
  • Strength: 15

Pixie Tricksterang Edit

  • Code: xh?t!T7!
  • Description: A cute pink boomerang that sparkles and flashes as it flies! Mild epilepsy warning.
  • Type/abstratus: boomerangkind
  • Size: average (20)
  • Base power: 20
  • Highest active bonus: 20

Suitarangs Edit

  • Code: G007080d
  • Description: A small assortment of boomerangs styled after card suits. Use these when you need to hit things in the face... with class.
  • Type/abstratus: boomerangkind
  • Size: average (20)
  • Base power: 18
  • Highest active bonus: 1

Catch Ya on the Flipside Edit

  • Code: HWWH080Y
  • Description: A bent spatula, it will always come back to you.
  • .Type/abstratus: boomerangkind, spatulakind
  • Size: average (20)
  • Base power: 10
  • Cost: 20 Build Grist, 5 Jet, 12 Shale

The Nullifier Edit

  • Code: O20N080l
  • Description: It seems this boomerang can't decide what the hell it wants to do. It's got it's own little display of time magic it seems, but also has a healthy distaste for all time magic. Shit's going haywire and it almost seems like the thing wants to tear itself apart.
  • Type/abstratus: boomerangkind
  • Base power: 70
  • Aggrieve bonus: 5
  • Aggress bonus: 2
  • Assail bonus: 1
  • Accuse bonus: 1
  • Abjure bonus: 2
  • Abstain bonus: 5
  • Cost: 130 Blood, 52 Diamond, 130 Garnet, 130 Obsidian, 130 Tar

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