Consumables are items that can be used from the Inventory page, and may have an effect such as healing the player, changing power levels, damaging the enemies, doing nothing, or even damaging the player. Not all 'consumables' are food, such as bandages and bombs. Consumables disappear after one use.

Using Consumables During StrifeEdit

Only 1 consumable can be used for each round of strife. Power boost consumables will usually last until the end of the strife, or if eaten while not strifing, it lasts until the end of the next strife you engage in.
Some consumables that are supposed to be used on the enemy, such as the Betty Crocker Barbasol Bomb, does nothing when consumed outside of strife.
Consumables that modify power levels are usually stackable.

Base ItemsEdit


Faygo - Red Pop Flavor Edit

  • Code: mIrAcLeS
  • Effect: Tastes motherfuckin' miraculous.
  • Description: The original Faygo flavor, supposedly. Tastes kind of funny, but you'll get used to it. Probably.

Bottle of Water Edit

  • Code: LquidH2O
  • Effect: You guzzle the bottle of fresh, cool water. Your thirst has been sufficiently quenched!
  • Description: In the event of dehydration, open and drink.

Blueberry Pie Edit

  • Code: p13!nw4K
  • Description: This pie is so delicious, you might just eat the whole thing in one sitting!

Fruit Gushers - Massive Tropical Brain Hemorrhage Flavor Edit

  • Code: DwiW!f7k
  • Effect: N/A
  • Description: Delicious, sugary candy.

Rolled-Up Poster Edit

  • Code: ybprQ0rT
  • Effect: N/A (Citation needed)
  • Description: It's a glorious poster. Perfect for that blank space on your wall. You haven't actually seen the inside of the poster yet, but the possibilities are endless!

Bandage Edit

  • Code: 4WWmmkAz
  • Effect: Heals a small amount of health (0-10)
  • Description: Cloth strips that are usually wrapped around injuries to reduce bleeding.
  • Cost: 10 Build 5 Iodine


Mtn Dew Dorito Cupcake

why wood you MAKE somethig like this?! you'd would have to toke up on be HIGH on weed drugs

Code: xwtxRVtM

Materials:500 Frosting, -270 Artifact

Power boost of 100


Betty Crocker Barbasol Bomb Edit

  • Code: DIiW082W
  • Effect: Lowers your opponents' power by 1 point.
  • Description: Be careful with the thing! Jesus!
  • Recipe: Shaving Cream && Fruit Gushers - Massive Tropical Brain Hemorrhage flavour
  • Cost: 1 Build; 1 Shale.

Firstaid Edit

  • Code: 4WWWW02O
  • Effect: Heals 100 points of damage.
  • Description: Hold still and TAKE YOUR MEDICINE LIKE A MAN!
  • Recipe: Bandage && Water
  • Cost: 200 Build; 350 Iodine.

More Cake Edit

  • Code: 5CHIa2m8
  • Description: A cake that's twice as big as most cakes. Double the cake for the same inventory space!
  • Abstratus: Cakekind
  • Base power: 20
  • Highest active bonus: 1
  • Size: large (40)
  • Cost: 10 Building Grist; 10 Amber; 10 Frosting.

Fruit Gushers - Carbonated Crimson Corruption Flavor Edit

  • Code: zwzg!zl?
  • Effect: + 100 power, - 50 to all passives
  • Description: These are so sugary, they are out of control. Good thing the hallucinations will numb your tastebuds!
  • Recipe: Fruit Gushers - Massive Tropical Brain Hemorrhage flavour || Faygo Red Pop flavour
  • Cost: 1,000 Blood; 1 Rainbow; 1,000 Rock Candy.

Fizzy Gushers - Bubble Cola Bomb Flavor Edit

  • Code: 52W0L00i
  • Description: These soda-filled gushers have so much sugar and corn syrup packed inside it's a wonder your teeth don't dissolve with the first bite.
  • Cost: 130 Build Grist, 220 Iodine, 260 Rock Candy

Mountain Dew- Livewire Edit

  • Code: wuz!TUZM
  • Description:The original supercharged soda, now with the citrus zing of vitamin C. Start the day with flavor! (Disclaimer: product does not actually contain vitamins of any kind)
  • Cost: 10 Build Grist, 5 Sunstone

Red Potion Edit

  • Code: nI!!cV!!
  • Effect: Heals a small amount of health, usually around 10%
  • Description: A thick, red potion. You're not entirely sure what's in it, but drinking it restores some of your health and offers you a wave of relief that you don't have to go deaf listening to that horrid beeping.
  • Recipe: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Cartridge || Faygo Red Pop flavour
  • Cost: 200 Blood; 800 Frosting.

Green Potion Edit

  • Code: 10ij0Qdk
  • Effect: Heals a small amount of Aspect Vial, usually around 5%
  • Description: A magical emerald brew that supposedly restores your... magic. You're not sure if what you do really counts as that, but it's worth a shot?
  • Recipe:
  • Cost: 5,000 Frosting; 2,000 Uranium.

Potion Soaked Bandage Edit

  • Code: 00WmWEAz
  • Effect: Heals a moderate amount of health, usually around 10%
  • Description: A Bandage that has been soaked in a Red Potion. You can practically smell the healing power of this thing.
  • Cost: 200 Build Grist; 500 Blood; 1,200 Frosting.

Blue Ecto-Potion Edit

  • Code: XG7scFPf
  • Effect: Heals a moderate amount of health, usually around 10%.
  • Description: Kind of tastes like chicken for whatever reason.
  • Cost: 3,000 Cobalt; 500 Quartz.

Faygo - Aquamarine Sugar Bomb Flavor Edit

  • Code: wurhtVBA
  • Effect: Heals 10%-11% health, increases offense and defense, temporary power boost.
  • Description: It's glowing brightly. You're not sure what that much mercury and sugar will do to you...
  • Recipe: Faygo - Blitzin' Blue Raspberry flavor || Mountain Dew
  • Cost: 1,000 Frosting; 5,000 Mercury; 500 Uranium.

Psi Candy Edit

  • Code: xolxl!!?
  • Description: A small piece of candy that seems to radiate a mysterious power. You're pretty sure that you'll be able to perform wondrous feats if you eat it.
  • Size: average (20)
  • Cost: 1,000 Frosting; 1,000 Rock Candy; 1,000 Uranium.

Starman (doesn't work in V2) Edit

  • Code: 9hC00yW4
  • Effect: Invulnerability
  • Description: You can feel the power! STAR POWER! But you also feel a bit soulless as well.
  • Recipe: Super Mario RPG Cart && Tesseract
  • Cost: 100,000 Gold; 50,000 Opal; 50,000 Polychromite; 50,000 Rainbow; 50,000 Uranium.

Macrobian Spring Water Edit

  • Code: 50uidH28
  • Effect: Health restore
  • Description: A small rusted cup fabled to hold water that can heal most wounds and prolong one's life. Don't waste it now.
  • Recipe: ?????
  • Cost: 1,000 Amber; 100,000 Diamond; 100,000 Quartz.

Faygo - Squiddlescently Explosive Rainbow Influx Revival Flavor Edit

  • Code: ?xzht!Fl
  • Effect: Health restore, usually around 50%, decreases offense for a battle.
  • Description: The Squiddle designs on this bottle are almost as disconcerting as the bright colorfulness of content itself.
  • Cost: 50,000 Frosting; 15,000 Gold; 7,500 Opal; 5,000 Polychromite; 1,000 Rainbow; 40,000 Rock Candy.

Fruit Gushers- Gnarly Cotton Candy Doomsday Prophecy Flavor Edit

  • Code: Dxim!!!?
  • Effect: Power boost 20
  • Description: Tastes like the screams of the innocent, the suffering of the unrighteous, the calamitous scent of brimstone, and low-quality carnival cotton candy. This may very well be the least appetizing variety of Fruit Gusher, and that's saying something.
  • Cost: 50 Build Grist; 100 Mercury; 50 Rock Candy; 50 Rust; 50 Sulfur; 50 Tar.

Faygo - Chaotic Genocidal Decimation Flavor Edit

  • Code: !xzp!!x?
  • Description: The contents of this bottle fade from black to a medium red near the bottom. Judging by the name, you feel that drinking this might not be the best idea...
  • Cost: 1500000 Blood; 750000 Garnet; 750000 Jet; 1000000 Mercury; 750000 Obsidian; 1500000 Tar

Faygo - Heavy Golden Flavor Edit

  • Code: uI!Uczh!
  • Effect: Boosts Defense by 25.
  • Description: It's a very heavy bottle of golden faygo. You aren't quite sure what exactly's in it, but it is certainly dense.
  • Cost: 250 Gold

Faygo - Baleful Black Cherry Flavor Edit

  • Code: sNzltTi!
  • Effect: You drink of the incredibly dark Faygo. It has a bitter taste at first, causing you to cough violently, but by the time you're done, you feel like stabbing something. Harder.
  • Description: Judging by the dark color of this swill, you think it contains a lot more black than it does cherry. This is probably marketed to the more edgy consumers.
  • Cost: 50 Garnet, 150 Jet

Faygo - Double Rainbow Flavour [Doesn't work in v2] Edit

  • Code: uIrLcTxU
  • Effect: Power boost of 50
  • Description: You take a swig of this wicked colorful elixir. Pretty soon, your entire body feels somewhat numb and gratuitous amounts of 7 different swirling colors are injected into your vision. So intense...
  • Cost: 100 Polychromite, Opal, and Rainbow

Blue Potion Edit

  • Code: 104a0A1e
  • Effect: Heals 4% health and 3% aspect
  • Description: By combining the healing slime from your sprite with a potion that restores magic, you have managed to create a brew that preforms both jobs.
  • Recipe: Green Potion && Blue-Ecto-Potion
  • Cost: 3500 Blood, 2500 Cobalt, 3500 Frosting, 3000 Uranium

Milky Way Edit

A small milk chocolate treat with a chewy nougat and caramel center that emits an irresistible aroma. Biting into it makes you feel an urge to TALK IN ALL CAPS and murder everyone with your sickle.

  • Code: d12K9PWJ
  • Effect: Increases Power(?)
  • Cost: 20 Chalk, 500 Frosting, 500 Iodine

Luck Ticket Edit

  • Code: pE3oJ!?H
  • Effect: This strife is 33% luckier! This has a very distinct visual cue that I'm not going to tell you about. Editor's note: (There is currently no visual cue)
  • Description: An odd little ticket that seems to give you a second chance when the odds are against you.
  • Cost: 300 Build, 200 Frosting, 1000 Gold, 100 Rust

Wicked Comestible of the Juggalo Juggernaut Edit

This pie is a manifestation of all things Circus. The flavor is like that of newly-roasted juggler flesh, and the taste presents the brutal violence, the invulnerability and the raw vitality that is inherent to all clowns. On the other hand, you feel like eating it will subject you to the wrath reserved by the universe for all irritating jesters. Really a toss-up here.

  • Code: n9XwZ?wK
  • Effect: Power boost of 100, Luck boost of -100
  • Cost: 10000 Blood, 5000 Frosting, 3000 Polychromite, 1 Ruby

Packaged Staraga

This burst of concentrated magic has enough juice to patch up some of your more major wounds, as well as prevent you from sustaining any more for a while!

  • Code: 9f400yW4
  • Effect: 16% Health Vial restore, Invulnerability for 3 turns
  • Cost: 100'000 Blood, 200'000 Gold, 75'000 Opal, 75'000 Polychromite, 75'000 Rainbow, 150'000 Uranium
  • Note: The effect for invulnerability is bugged

Complete Bullshit Edit

  • Faygo - Squiddlescently Explosive Rainbow Influx Flavor and Starmen are well known powerful consumables frequently used (and some think, overused) by players near the end of the game. There has been talk about "nerfing" (severely limiting and re-balancing) the extent consumables can play in Strife among the developers for quite some time now though no action has been taken yet. [written Aug 17 2014]

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