Flamethrowerkind is one of the strife specibi available in the Overseer Project. They come in both one handed and two handed weapons. There are currently 43 weapons for flamethrowerkind. They usually boost Aggress, Assail and/or Assault and give penalties to Abjure and/or Abstain.

Base ItemsEdit

Weapon: Lighter
Strength: 1
Abjure Penalty: -1
Abstain Penalty: -1
Description: This little lighter is technically classified as a flamethrower, but as a weapon it is beyond lame.

Weapon: Blowtorch
Strength: 8
Assault Bonus: 1
Abstain Penalty: -1
Description: This blowtorch is designed for heating metal. As a weapon it's pretty decent, a lot better than a lighter.

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Weapon: Lighter Figurine (Lighter || Joker Figurine)
Strength: 3
Description: Still quite useless as a weapon, but now it's at least 5 times more hilarious

Weapon: The Blow-Timer

Code: 12n02b5G

Strength: 6

Assault: +2

Abstain: -2

Description: Keep your jobs organized, and properly timed.

Weapon: Gasoline Gun (Lighter && Squirtgun)

Code: 51120WE0
Strength: 20
Aggrieve Bonus: 4
Aggress Bonus: 3
Assail Bonus: 2
Assault Bonus: 1
Abjure Penalty: -3
Abstain Penalty: -4
Description: Now this is firepower. A real smoking gun. How many fire gun jokes can I get away with?

Cost: 22 build grist, 11 amber, 4 sunstone

Weapon: Flamethrasher (Lighter && Crowbar)

Code: f10I0Wg1
Strength: 25
Description: The swiss army knife of the pyromaniac/arsonist.

Cost: 40 build grist, 10 tar

Weapon: Steam Thrower (Lighter && Clothing Iron)

Code: C11I0We1 
Strength: 25
Description: Expertly removes all wrinkles from any article of clothing. Note: Please remove clothes before use. Or if you don't, at least send us a video of the resulting hilarity.

Cost: 25 build grist, 5 cobalt, 5 tar

Weapon: Burning Asfelt (Lighter || Midnight Crew Poster)

Code: !5TtHeld
Strength: 42
Aggress bonus: 6
Description: A snazzy flamethrower! Now you feel like burning some asshole's mansion... and some clocks.

Cost: 80 build grist, 40 obsidian, 40 sulfur

Weapon: Flamethrower's Best Friend (Lighter || Bottle of Vodka)

Code: zTT!So!N
Strength: 81
Aggress Bonus: 5
Abuse Bonus: 3
Description: You shoot a mist of the vodka from the small bottle through the flame, alighting it. Be careful not to set yourself on fire. Or don't, I guess you're entitled to immolate yourself if you really want to.

Cost: 1000 build grist, 1000 iodine, 1000 sulfur

Weapon: Barbascorcher (Lighter && Shaving Cream)

Code: z1Pp00A1 
Strength: 95
Assail Bonus: 15
Description: For once, the flammability is an advantage!

Cost: 2000 build grist, 1500 caulk, 500 sulfur

Weapon: Electric Acid Inferno (Chemical Burner || Tesla Coil)

Code: n1tEcW!1
Strength: 210
Description: Burn, electrocute and corrode your enemies all at once! The perfect mixture of chemistry and physics.

Cost: 25000 copper, 10000 sulfur, 25000 Uranium

Weapon: Chemical Burner (Gasoline Gun && Chemistry Set)
Code: 00120WC0
Strength: 325
Description: Baptize your enemies in a deadly mixture of toxins, chemicals, and corrosive acids. And remember: responsible scientists always use protection in the lab.

Cost: 700 rainbow, 28000 tar, 32000 uranium

Weapon: Dragon's Breath (Gasoline Gun || Rocket Wings)

Strength: 600
Assault bonus: 18
Description: It's an array of backwards rockets on a gun. How you manage to not fly into the sky is a mystery.
NOTE: Rocket Wings are not a base or alchemizable item. Their code is PSWOOOOP.

Cost: 70000 build grist, 87000 jet, 39000 ruby

Weapon: Dragon's Pipe (Dragon's Breath && Cigarette Holder)

Strength: 1500
Aggress Bonus: 30
Accuse Penalty: -5
Abjure Penalty: -10
Abstain Penalty: -15
Description: Inhale, exhale fire. Inhale, exhale fire. Or you could just blow out of it so you don't shrivel up your tongue.

Weapon: Lava Launcher (Barbascorcher || Lava Lamp)

Code: zhT!NvEt
Strength: 2900
Assail Bonus: 50
Abjure Penalty: -25
Abstain Penalty: -25
Description: While technically it no longer fires flames, it's still packing heat! Though you kinda wonder why it doesn't just melt in your hands...

Cost: 400000 amber, 400000 blood, 100000 obsidian

Weapon: Miraculous Burn (Blowtorch && Faygo Red Pop Flavour)
Code: WIr22L8G
Strength: 4200
Aggrieve Bonus: 40
Aggress Bonus: 20
Assault Penalty: -20
Description: A deadly flamethrower that uses a highly flammable concoction of different Faygo flavours. Sweet death, best death.

Cost: 420420 build grist, 420420 obsidian, 420420 sulfur, 420420 tar

Weapon: Helios Ray (Lava Launcher && Sun on a Stick)

Code: q3Tc618N
Strength: 6500
Assail Bonus: 100
Assault Bonus: 100
Abjure Penalty: -100
Abstain Penalty: -100
Description: They said you were crazy to use the powers of the sun to power your flamethrower. But its strong and self sustaining, what's not to love?


Weapon: Green Solar Flare (Helios Ray && Magic Cue Ball)

Strength: 9999
Assail Bonus: 1000
Assault Bonus: 1500
Abjure Penalty: -1000
Abstain Penalty: -1500
Description: Green flames are supposed to be the hottest, right?


Weapon: A Blaze of a Very High Degree (Dragon's Breath && Faygonight Brew)

Code: G0120080
Strength: 9999
Aggrieve Bonus: 9091
Aggress Bonus: 9091
Assail Bonus: 9091
Assault Bonus: 9999
Abuse Bonus: 9001
Accuse Bonus: 9091
Abjure Bonus: 9091
Abstain Bonus: 9091
Description: An ominous flamethrower with sleek design and a sinister history. Good for night owls, wise birds, and those who want to roast people alive. With style.


Unknown WeaponsEdit

These weapons have unknown combinations.

1I0G2W8G - Weapon: Adele's Umbrella
Strength: 101
Description: Feel the wrath of Adele under the fire-setting rain protector. Literally feel the power of making rain feel the pain of flames! If you're going to have a broken heart might as well ablaze your enemies while your at it!

Cost: 4000 build grist, 4000 jet, 1500 sulfur

f?Lr2jCn - Weapon: Breath of Odahviing
Strength: 2000
Aggrieve Bonus: 33
Aggress Bonus: 44
Assail Bonus: 55
Assault Bonus: 66
Description: The flames of a powerful dragon are in your hands, loyally searing whatever foe stands in its line of fire.

Cost: 333333 blood, 45921 chalk, 68500 garnet

H?xtJuho - Weapon: Froliche Fahrenheiten
Strength: 250
Assault Bonus: 20
Description: Nothing captures the feel of Christmas like underlings roasting on an open fire.

E!lQpezR - Weapon: SPF Deadly
Strength: 58
Abjure Bonus: 10
Description: Throws scalding hot sunblock. Kills and blocks harmful UV radiation. Especially effective against anthropomorphic sunbeams.

Cost: 500 build grist, 10 caulk, 750 chalk, 100 iodine

Y40W0100 - Weapon: Tarot Torch
Strength: 1470
Aggrieve Bonus: 23
Aggress Bonus: 56
Assail Bonus: 89
Description: Though tarot has long been used to tell fortunes, this new method is 100% accurate! I see fire in your future.


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