Followers are semi-naive but capable companions that will accompany you in strife, adding their power to yours similarly to assisting.

Mercenaries can be hired with boondollars via the >Followers page under the EXPLORE header, and your whole party can be viewed on the same page. You can unlock new follower types by building your land's economy or doing specific questlines.

Follower Classes Edit

Consort Guard: Edit

A [colour] [animal] with a sense of duty and marginal combat experience, slightly less likely to run away than a villager.

Requirment: unknown, possibly economy related.

Power: 40

Loyalty: Unverified

Consort Knight: Edit

This [colour] [animal] has adorned itself with various metal plates and calls itself a knight.

Requirement: unknown, probably economy related.

Power: 100.

Loyalty: 1 per every 208.3 boons spent hiring.

Consort Arsonist: Edit

"This flamethrower-wielding [colour] [animal] seems to really like fire, as well as setting things on fire and watching things be on fire."

Requirement: Completion of quest, flamethrower related.

Power: 55, has a 5% chance to set an enemy on fire, dealing 25 damage per round.

Loyalty: Unverified

Consort Blademaster:Edit

A member of an exclusive guild for [colour] [animal] especially adept at wielding blades. This individual is less clumsy than the average [colour] [animal] by a fair amount.

Requirement: Completion of a quest, blade related.

Power: 999

Loyalty: Unverified