A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project.

Base ItemsEdit

Green Tennis Shoes
For the casual who only owns one pair of shoes.

  • Code: B?bmPzFP
  • Strength: 1
  • Assail: 1
  • Abstratus: Footwearkind
  • Cost: 2 Build Grist

Lonesome Sock
The other one got lost in the wash. This one's looking a bit crusty though, perhaps you should re-unite them. On the other hand, maybe you can weaponize that stench...

  • Code: 5meLLb4D
  • Strength: 2
  • Aggrieve 1
  • Abstratus: Footwearkind
  • Cost: 2 Build Grist

Plain Shoes

Plain Shoes

Your shoes. They are pretty fucking plain. Very comfy.

  • Code: hE?JrOrh
  • Strength: 7
  • Abstratus: Footwearkind
  • Cost: 10 Build Grist

Red Heels
Fashionable but impractical, these kicks are sure to catch the eyes of some on-looker. Especially if you kick them in the face with it.

  • Code: th2sOQQO
  • Strength: 1
  • Aggress: 1
  • Abstratus: Footwearkind
  • Cost: 2 Build Grist

Steel-Toe Boot
Very rigid and thick boots that are made for kicking ass!

  • Code: 4Walk1ng
  • Strength: 5
  • Abstratus: Footwearkind
  • Cost: 10 Build Grist

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Rocket ShoesEdit

Unbelievably cool shoes with rockets in them. It's like you can almost fly straight to the top of your echeladder!

  • Code: PSHOOOES
  • Stength: 45
  • abstratus: Footwearkind, flying
  • Cost: 20000 Build, 20000 Jet, 20000 Ruby

Dark SolesEdit

Nice and comfy, perfect for sitting at your couch for hours at a time.

  • Code: lvirVti!
  • Strength: 32
  • Aggrieve: 1
  • abstratus: footwearkind
  • Cost: 199 Jet

Australian WingtipEdit

It's time for your enemies to bend over and meet their destiny.

  • Code: Tga!k9p!
  • Strength: 100
  • Abstratus: Footwearkind
  • cost: 6000 Build. 9000 Ruby.

Shadic's Jet ShoesEdit

Once worn by a mighty warrior with the strength of two, these shoes retain the abilities of flight, while being twice as durable, not to mention twice as stylish!

  • Code: BSbWOKFP
  • Strength: 800
  • Bonuses: Aggreive 50
  • Cost: 100000 Build Grist, 100000 Jet, 22000 Titanium

Fine Leather Kicking BootsEdit

These fine compact leather boots make kicking your foes into submission less of a chore!

  • Code: 000kg1mg
  • Strength: 32
  • Bonuses: Agress 4, Abjure 12
  • Cost: 120 Iodine, 80 Shale 

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