A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project.

Base ItemsEdit


Something usually reserved to mark dead things is now going to help you make more dead things! Isn't life grand?

  • Code: sp89Zbli
  • Strength: 14
  • Abuse: 5
  • Accuse: 5
  • Abjure: 5
  • Abstain: 5
  • Abstratus: Gravekind
  • Cost: 30 Shale

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Grave Robber Edit

Someone put a tombstone on this shovel... What the hell.

  • Additional Abstratus: diggerkind
  • Code: IZ012aA0
  • Power: 26

Executioner's Axe Edit

This massive axe is decorated with stone skulls. It seems to pulse with dark fire occasionally.

  • Strenght: 35
  • Bonus: Has a 5% chance to set an enemy on fire, dealing 7 damage per round.
  • Abstratus: axekind, gravekind
  • Cost: 118 Build_Grist, 71 Blood, 47 Jet, 24 Obsidian
  • Recipe: ???
  • Code: 2I8810Ai

Boo Staff Edit

A bo staff made out of stone. For every foe killed, a new name is scribbled into the surface.

  • Code: !t!vpt!z
  • Additional Abstratus: staffkind
  • Power: 50

Halloween Tombscythe That Is Also A Spear Because Fuck It Edit

Just cramming more weapons into your weapons in the hopes that it'll make something better is surely the way to go.

  • Code: !rPBpUl?
  • Power: 130
  • Abstratus: Gravekind, Spearkind, Scythekind
  • Cost: 754 Build_Grist, 794 Blood, 828 Coal

Shale Gravestone Edit

A large, black gravestone made of shale rock. It falls apart rather easily, but the sheer mass of the thing makes up for it.

  • Code: 0300Z410
  • Strength: 460
  • Aggrieve: -141
  • Aggress: -141
  • Assail: -141
  • Assault: -141
  • Cost: 74100 Shale

Scientific Sepulcher Edit

The dark energy was rubbish, there is no such thing as magic which is fake.

  • Code: euB?yjTt
  • Strength: 1120
  • Cost: 200000 Build Grist, 46000 Star Sapphire, 155000 Tar

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