Lanternkind is one of the strife specibi available in The Overseer Project.

There are currently 60 different Lanternkind items in The Overseer Project.

Base ItemsEdit


A fairly hefty candlestick made out of some kind of metal. Try not to murder any of your sessionmates with it.

  • Base power: 4
  • Highest passive bonus: 1
  • Code: J6Ua6BLP

Fueled LanternEdit

Your everyday steel lantern with a small area for oil. This thing could almost one-up a barbasol bomb.

  • Base power: 6
  • Highest active bonus: 2
  • Code: ViSz!vDZ

Lava LampEdit

A psychedelic little lamp, with colorful hot goop floating around inside.

  • Base power: 3
  • Code: Lg4ENv4s

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Lava LanternEdit

This Psychedelic Lantern happens to be a little bit base, bit it'll keep you up all night looking at it.

  • Base power: 16
  • Recipe: Fueled Lantern && Lava Lamp

Code: Le4CNv4Y Cost:

  • Amber: 20
  • Ruby: 1

Electric LanternEdit

Stop having to worry about running out of oil, and instead start having to worry about running out of batteries!

  • Base power: 18
  • Recipe: Fueled Lantern && Light Bulb
  • Code: A40uin4W


  • Build: 25
  • Copper: 12


Three arms mean three candles and three times the light. And perhaps more relevantly to your situation, it also means three times the weight as well.

  • Recipe: Candlestick && Tripod
  • Code: J200024P


  • Build: 99
  • Gold: 33
  • Tar: 33

Lava GlowstickEdit

The psychedelic floating glob of a lava lamp in the portability of a glowstick! This thing is awesome, and your new favorite light source.

  • Base power: 14
  • Recipe: Lava Lamp && Glowstick
  • Code: 0g00514W


  • Blood: 5
  • Uranium: 10

Quadrainbow DisperseratorEdit

The flames inside the lantern are surrounded by four sharp prisms.  Demolish your foe with two double rainbows!

  • Base power: 20
  • Recipe: Unknown
  • Code: !??z!!FZ


  • Blood: 12
  • Cobalt: 12
  • Uranium: 12

Volcarona Sun Lantern Edit

  • Code: jcL?ltV!
  • Strength: 700
  • Assault +50
  • Description: This lantern shines as brightly as the sun does. It could be substituted for the sun in dark times, just like a Volcarona!


  • Build Grist: 25000
  • Amber: 55000
  • Ruby: 50000
  • Sunstone: 90000

Lantern of Heart Edit

  • This lantern channels the mysterious and arguably most powerful of the elements, Heart. It governs emotions of all kinds and gives the user the power to manipulate the feelings of others.
  • Code: Vjzz!xTl
  • Strength: 73
  • Agrieve, Aggress, Abjure, Abstain +4
  • Cost: 1000 build, 900 amber, 450 gold, 1 opal

Heart affinity: 5%

Lucky Lantern Edit

This lantern is made of a bright metal. It also radiates a brilliant light, brighter rays pointing towards points of interest, ranging from hidden artifacts to underlings' weak points.

  • Base Power: 150
  • Bonuses:
aggrieve +15
aggress +5
abuse +50
accuse +50
abjure +50
abstain +50
  • Code: 1fVyBr6g


  • 1500 moonstone
  • 5000 titanium
  • 150 lux

Miraculous Holo-Projector: Modern Magical Warfare Edition Edit

The psychedelic floating glob of a lava lamp in the portability of a glowstick! This thing is awesome, and your new favorite light source.

  • Base power: 2448
  • Recipe: ???
  • Code: l!?!t!tt
  • Bonuses: +66 all


  • Cobalt: 135,000
  • Diamond: 21,500
  • Malachite: 135,000
  • Polychromite: 5,000
  • Rainbow: 5,000
  • Rust: 135,000
  • Titanium: 21,500

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