A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project.

Base ItemsEdit

Magnifying Glass
This is a regular old magnifying glass, perfect for searching for clues, or frying ants on the sidewalk.

  • Code: RJIzACKd
  • Strength: 2
  • Aggrieve: 1
  • Abstratus: Lenskind
  • Cost: 1 Jet, 1 Quartz

Telescope Edit

  • Code: fLoYXbQr
  • Strength: 4
  • A normal and average telescope. Perfect for looking at the stars and other lewd activities.
  • Abstratus: sciencekind, lenskind

Alchemized Items Edit

Super Telescope of Dubious Prognosticative Competance Edit

This telescope, when looked through, shows a blue triangle-based kaleidoscope. On the face of the triangles it shows a really crumby prediction about whatever you're looking at. A near 100% guaranteed false prediction in fact. However, it is perfectly serviceable as a monster bashing instrument.

  • Code:8nefZ00a
  • Strength: 26
  • Abstratus: Lenskind
  • Cost: 40 Build, 40 Iodine, 40 Mercury, 40 Shale

Telescopically Temporal Gazing Apparatus Edit

That last function seemed to get rid of the shitty predictions, but keep the seeing into the future, and even lets you turn a section of the telescope to go forward and backwards into some thing's history or future. Neat! ===

  • Code:Cpfft00a
  • Strength: 66
  • Aggress: 12
  • Time affinity: 5%
  • Abstratus: Lenskind
  • Cost: 240 Build, 150 Iodine, 150 Jet, 150 Mercury, 150 Shale, 50 Uranium

Sherlock's Observation Lens Edit

  • Strength: 5000
  • Abuse bonus: 1000
  • Accuse bonus: 1000
  • Abjure bonus: 1000
  • Abstain bonus: 1000
  • Description: The lens of the magnifying glass of the great Sherlock Holmes, wizard master of deduction. It still carries a bit of his power, allowing you to see the true nature of things when you look through it.
  • Code: SHERLOCK

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