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Welcome to the The Overseer WikiEdit

Knowledgebase for The Overseer Project --a Browser game/Alchemy simulator/Roleplaying aid based on the webcomic Homestuck.

The ProjectEdit

The Overseer Project main site .

You can read Homestuck here .


Q: Who are you?
A:You may refer to me as The Overseer.
Q: What's going on here?
A: The short answer is that I am attempting to create and expand a new multiverse, distinct from the suffering and tragedy that mark the one I left.
Q: How?
A: By borrowing sessions of the universal propagation tool likely known to you as Sburb, I intend to rebuild all of existence from scratch. Hopefully it will turn out better this time.
Q: This is boring!

A: My systems are designed to track only the bare, mechanical basics of my new multiverse: items that exist, grist generated, things like that. The finer details are to be shaped by you, the players. That means detailing what activities you and your allies are up to, describing Lands, that sort of thing. Simply living. Each additional piece of data makes the resulting reality more complete. If you find that your actions have no context and that boredom is the result, try creating a context for them.

From the About page .

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