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A strife specibus available on the Overseer Project. Primarily used for Shields and other things you can hold/hide behind.

Base ItemsEdit



An ordinary-looking wooden shield. Not a particularly threatening weapon, but excellent for defending yourself.

  • Code: sPt!NkMQ
  • Strength: 1
  • Abjure: 6
  • Abstain: 6
  • Abstratus: Shieldkind
  • Cost: 6 Build Grist

Alchemized ItemsEdit

Defender's Timetable

This shield bears a striking resemblance to the outside of a pocket watch. It has a clock within it, but the time it tells is inaccurate. Probably because you keep letting imps bash it.

  • Strength: 24
  • Code: M9n1320G
  • Cost: 30 Build Grist, 1 Quartz, 12 Rust

Frozen Pride

Description: A sharp, teardrop-shaped shield colored a deep, icy blue. It is freezing to the touch, and gives off an unnerving aura. Oh wait, that's frostbite.

  • Strength: 54
  • Code: 0H2m04GA
  • Cost: 400 Build Grist, 400 Frosting, 13 Quartz

Clockwork Defense

Description: A compact and always timely shield that will always be there to remind enemies that they really don't have the time to hit you.

  • Strength: 36
  • Code: !Rt!VltU
  • Abjure bonus: 8
  • Abstain bonus: 8

Yellow Dragon's Phalanx Edit

Description: You're pretty sure that one shield does not a phalanx make, no matter how many bolts of electricity crackle across its dragon-clutching-a-lightning-bolt motif. It also needs a spear to qualify. But the Alchemiter doesn't care.

  • Strength: 620
  • Code: z!!tp?!!
  • Aggrieve bonus: 56
  • Aggress bonus: 56 
  • Assail bonus: 56 
  • Assault bonus: 56 
  • Abuse bonus: 56 
  • Accuse bonus: 56
  • Abjure bonus: 56 
  • Abstain bonus: 56 


Description: Block enemies with a dangerous spinning bolt that can be used for fighting as well. This thing is as dangerous to them as it is protective of you!

  • Strength: 25
  • Code: tPt!NktQ
  • Assail: -1
  • Assault: -1
  • Abuse: +2
  • Accuse: +2
  • Abjure: +2
  • Abstain: +2

Other Facts: Can also be used in drillkind

Spike Shield

Description: This wooden shield has a bunch of nails sticking out of it.

  • Strength: 6
  • Code: I1n0H8IO
  • Aggrieve: +3
  • Assault: +2

Prismic Shield

Description : It's be useful if you want to block a flashlight, but nothing much else.

  • Strength: 7
  • Code : qOof3c62
  • Accuse: +1

Gasclock Flamershield

Description: This thing is a shield with a flamethrower sticking out of it. It's a clumsy and crude weapon, but at least it grants some defense also.

  • Strength: 333
  • Code: !Rt!Vl!U
  • Aggrieve: +5
  • Aggress: +5
  • Abuse: +5
  • Accuse: +10
  • Abjure: +10
  • Abstain: +10

Other Facts: This can also be used as flamethrowerkind

Knight Light

Description: A shield with a built-in light. Useful for fighting in the dark.

  • Strength: 45
  • Code: 7A?Mlt1z
  • Aggrieve: +4
  • Abuse: +4
  • Accuse: +8
  • Abjure: +10
  • Abstain: +10

Pop-Up Blocker

Description: Putting those annoying ads to defensive use, this electronic shield displays an ever-shifting variety of more or less suspect offers. You're fairly certain that most of them would have been invalidated by the destruction of Earth, but hey, the imps don't know that.

  • Strength: 12
  • Code : WHWbK4M2
  • Aggrieve: +1
  • Accuse: +1
  • Abjure: +2
  • Abstain: +3

Steel Shield

Description: Pretty straight forward, really. It is a shield that is made of steel.

  • Strength: 25
  • Code: !vt!VkNU
  • Accuse: +12
  • Abjure: +16
  • Abstain: +10

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