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Base ItemEdit

Weapon: Spear


A pretty ordinary spear consisting of a pointy end and a non-pointy end. Being able to tell the two apart is the mark of someone not about to have themselves a nasty accident.

  • Code: 9LP2nQls
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base power: 8
  • Cost: 6 Build Grist
  • Abjure penalty: -2
  • Abstain penalty: -4

Torn Banner Edit

This two sided banner is red and black on one side, and blue and gold on the other... You can't quite make out the coat of arms on either side though.

  • Code: 1ls4BSRo
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind, flagkind
  • Base power: 5
  • Cost: 1 Amber, 1 Blood,1 Cobalt, 1 Jet

Alchemized Weapons Edit

Cute and Gothic Trident Edit

A black trident with a pretty pink bow tied onto it. What mermaid princesses wield when going through puberty.

  • Code: Wen00000
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind, forkkind, fabrickind
  • Base power: 35
    • Assault: +1
    • Abuse: +2
    • Abstain: +1
  • Cost: 125 Build Grist, 35 Rock Candy, 35 Fluorite, 35 Cobalt

Faygo Spear Edit

This wonderful weapon is a manufacturing nightmare. But once you have it, its a weapon of a respectable Harlequin.

  • Code: 0GH2WGeK
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base power: 13
  • Assault bonus: 2
  • Cost: 25 Amethyst, 50 Redstone, 25 Shale

Candy Spear Edit

Giant candy corn makes for a great spearhead, and as everybody knows Candy is extremely effective against enemies.

  • Code: hLzp!Rl?
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base power: 54
  • Assault penalty: -6
  • Cost: 1000 Build Grist, 1000 Rock Candy

Ski Pole Edit

Just an ordinary ski pole, but it could easily be used as a weapon.

  • Code: 11G00AZI
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind, sportskind
  • Base power: 4
  • Cost: 8 Build

A Jab In The Dark Edit

This spear is very shiny! It seems to be emitting light, even though it's not clear where it's coming from.

  • FN!M!xl!
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base power: 16
  • Cost: 21 Build, 11 Sunstone

Tazpear Edit

Nasty combination of electric and long pointy object. Deadly potential.

  • Spear || Battery
  • Code: Pt!Vvw!!
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base power: 18
  • Cost: 30 Build Grist, 10 Amethyst, 25 Iodine
  • Aggrieve bonus: 8

Halloween Skewer Edit

For some reason, you feel like this was never here, yet know it is. It also seems to get some kind glowy aura during Halloween, and you swear that you're seeing ghosts.

  • Code: v!z?xxls
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base power: 20
  • Cost: 10 Blood, 31 Obsidian, 10 Shale, 31 Sulfur, 10 Tar, 31 Uranium

Zipptoon Edit

A spontoon with the central blade missing. Instead, the lighter in the handle will ignite a small gout of flame lancing between the two short prongs. If it were only shorter, then it would be great for party tricks!

  • Code: 91P200l0
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base power: 32
  • Cost: 50 Build, 10 Mercury, 10 Sulfur

Drill Spear Edit

It's just a spear with a drill at the top. A big old stabby drill. Added bonus of drilling whatever you stab!

  • Drill && Spear
  • Code: 11G00AZI
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base power: 62
  • Cost: 1200 Build, 1200 Shale
  • Assault bonus: 5

Giga-Drill Spear Edit

  • Code: JfuDdllp
  • Gurren Lagann DVD || Drill Spear
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base power: 120
  • Cost: 2,000 Build, 2,000 Blood, 1,000 Gold, 4,000 Shale


Spear of Force Edit

A mystical energy spear that seems to gleam with life energy and power.

  • Spear || Star Wars: The Complete Saga
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base power: 200
  • Cost: 10,000 Build, 30,000 Cobalt, 5,000 Copper, 2,000 Gold, 10,000 Sulfur
  • Assail penalty: -5
  • Abuse bonus: 5

Holy Spear of Redemption Edit

A golden spear with a crystalline head. You can feel the heavens smiling down on you when you hold it up to the sky. Or that could just be the light reflecting off of it.

  • Code: 91P0mQls
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base Power: 250
  • Cost: 22,000 Gold, 1,000 Mercury, 12,000 Quartz, 1,000 Topaz
  • Aggrieve bonus: 15
  • Assault penalty: -20
  • Abuse penalty: -25
  • Accuse bonus: 15

Bolt of Zeus Edit

A silver and gold lightning shaped spear, it crackles with unimaginable energy. It's too bad you can't hit the same spot twice with it..

  • Code: 3IisnREt
  • Type/abstratus: spearkind
  • Base power: 5500
  • Cost: 90, 000 Copper, 200,000 Gold, 50,000 Rainbow, 400,000 Sunstone, 200,000 Titanium
  • Assail bonus: 550

Shadow King's Chain-Spear Edit

Not to be confused with the chain spear, this is a shadow rod with a chainsaw at one end, and instead of teeth, mighty royal spearheads that only the shadow of King Arthur could be mad enough to create.

  • Code: 0101m0d2
  • Cost: 199800 Obsidian, 299700 Shale
  • Strength: 1874
  • Aggrieve, Aggress, Assail, and Assault +125
  • Abuse, Accuse, Abjure, and Abstain +75

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