Aradia Megido(apocalypseArisen)

aka Aradia Megido

  • I live in Girdwood, Alaska
  • I was born on March 25
  • My occupation is ....
  • I am I do not understand what it is you are asking...though if you are referring to what I am considered to be it is Female.
  • Aradia Megido(apocalypseArisen)

    I kinda wish the game hadn't was bad...everyone died. We'll never be the same, I doubt we'll be able to ever be whole again! I mean look at Terezi! She's blind now! I...I hurt Vriska and my own flushcrush killed me I mean really...we didn't fight Jack or Lord English...we fought each other. That's why we lost it seems. So it only makes since that we are all messed up...right? At least we're going back to normal now...we can tease eachother and flirt and all of that stuff. Maybe one day, we'll all get to be just like we were before the game...I hope that'll happen....

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